Hmm December 9, 2011: I'm Bored. Got New Kool Pictures To Post 'Somewhere'

    Lately It Has Been 'Hit-Or-Miss' With The Government Censoring Me And All. My Legendary (Word-Used-Again).. Battle With 'Your' Federal Govern-A-Ment(MentalS).

    Anyways: (Where-Else?) > For Having A Peenis. Yup. Figure Out Why I Say That Someday. Wo…

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    My MailboX Picture: Someone Has A Serious Problem.. Read more >
  • Joeyaliziojr

    This Is The Real ‘Vincent ~The-Chin~ Gigante’.. Most Feared In All Of New York..”Fuuck-New-Jersey" He Was Known .. MYTH Of Course.. LOL.. For Chopping Up His Enemies Into Little Pieces..In Public..

    ~I Used To Call Him My Uncle Vinnie~ Truth. We Don’t Know.. What Happened To The REAL UNCLE VINNIE ALLEN.. God Rest His Soul. HA HA HA

    Anyways.. This Thing: Yeah Sure..Okay..You’re Tough Then Huh? Cuz I Need You To Look Tough.. Real-Tough.. Follow Me Over Here.. ‘Sporting-Goods-Section’.. Talking To Himself: This Idiot Is Really Following Me.. You Like Baseball ‘Kid?’.. Football Too..Oh Really? (You-Little-AsS-Hole) So You’re A Tough-Guy With My Nephew Huh?..

    AIM Toothpaste: Take AIM Muth-Fuuckaaz! ..LOL. mY lITTLE sTORY iS tHIS oNE:

    aFTER bEING fEL…

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    This Picture: Credit Reports Can Be Scary! ~15.2 Years Of My Life: On Credit Hold!~

    After Paying My BOGUS Child Support.. Three Times Thus Far.. And Having All Of My Pay-Checks:

    'DOCKED' (Good-AsSs-hOle-GovernMnet-Word!) To The Sum Of $106.00 : (Previouslty-Written About) Stop! You're Slamming Me '-IGGAZ! 'Daddy-Joe's' Gonna 'Slamm-It' Right Back!..LOL..

    BiggTime-Note: None Of The $15,200 That I Paid.. To The State Of Maine For Child-Support.. Ever Went To My Ex-Wife.. Or My Two Children (Three-Children-With-My-Step-Child-Noted) None Of It. The State Of Maine Kept Every Penny.. For Themselves.

    For All Of My Entire Life Now.. 'You' Have Been The Biggest-Smart-AsSses.. Over This Child-Support Topic. Shame On You.

    Note: Bailey's Surf n' Turf.. ~I …

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    HEY! So You Arrived From 1990 To Heckle Me.. Do You Have A ‘Plan-B?’' Sort-Of-A.. Plan-B 'HEALTH' Insurance Coverage Or Something!?

    HEY! ‘Member When You Were Just Plain Scared Of Me.. Because You Knew I Was HA (A Hells Angel)..’Junior?’..

    What Happened To That.. I Sort Of Liked You: Scared-Straight!..?

    Did 'Daddy' Tell You.. “yOU’RE sTRAIGHT aGAIN sON!..” HA HA HA (HA-HA-HA-Means ‘Hells-Angels MC’ As Well As The Obvious Laughter)

    Anyways: You Told Everyone That You Didn’t Like My Slang Writing. Tried To Tell Me In An Inferior Way..

    So! Here's You're-Kinda-Lingo:


    HEY! Just Fuu-uuck-Off..You Fake Texas 'OIL' Holder!

    Georgey-Da-Bush-Bagg.. He Thinks He Has Holdings In Oil (At My Expense) ..Yeah..As Soon …

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    SomeOne Added A New Comment: "Must Have Been.. One Of The Joey-Alizio's That Lived.." Hmmm.

    Social Security Permanant Disability: No Fun. Insanity Plea. Yeah! I Won..~Sometimes-Sarcasm~ Not Happy With Being Attacked.. And Then Set-Up As The Aggressive Person. Limited Income: Well Yeah.. That’s Not What I Wanted Out Of My Life.. The People Still Today ‘Fu-ucking-With-Me’..? Well.. They Never Knew How Badd They Had Lost.. Until It Was Too Late. Jim Morrison : The Doors : ~This Is The End My Friend~ You Never Really.. Knew ‘Smack’ Did You-All!? (Note-Texan-Slang) 500 Billion Dollars Worth The Crap. Shiit. >>The Nothing People You Are. I Had To Listen To The ‘How Good You Are’ Speeches .. For Sooo Fu-ucking Long. ‘KID’ Stay Dead-To-Reality.. St…

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    HEY! Does Anyone Remember: Vincent 'The-Chin' Gigante..? The Myth..The Legend.. 1960's ~Number-One! Stand-Up-Man~ The F.B.I Reports In New York Were : "He Walks Around All Day In A Bathrobe.. We Think He's 'CRAZY' Or Something"

    Know One Knows Whatever Happened To.. 'Vincent 'The-Chin' Gigante B.T.W: His Name Was An O-Rall SeX-Reference..LOL.. He Had "Tons Of Women" With Him 24/7..

    Some People Say That New York Famous: 'Joey-Gallo' .. Named (Nicknamed: Crazy-Joe As Well) (Last-Named-For-That.. -Bottle-Of-Gallo-Wine-Over-An-Idiots-Head) Might Know Vincent 'The-Chin' Very Well.

    The Government Says That They May Have Been : 'One In The Same'.." Did He Wear Glasses?"..LOL..

    Anyways : He Was The Un-Official..(Reportedly) Un-Authorized..Head Of The…

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    Excerpt From This Post: ~My 14k Gold Chains: "Which I Have Had For 7 Years Now"~

    I Told Him: "In Between Ratt Moving Me.. And Pretending To Be My 'Biker-Killer-Guy'.. I'm Not Sure Which Way To Go With This.." How About You: Once-Again: Just S.T.F.U.

    Him: " I Hate Bikers.. (2-Minute-Pause)..I Mean OH! I Am One!..Quick Show Me On A Bike!" HA HA HA

    No! I'm Not Going To Be Too Scared To.. Go Out Shopping At Walmart : Somersworth. I Mean Like 'Dude'. I've Been In Millions Of Fights That I Actually.. WON.. In My Lifetime. LOL..

    I Didn't Just.. Pretend To Win From My 'Sofa-Work-Bench-Studio..' I'll Give You One Bigg Hint: Wink-Wink : Don't Follow Me To The Sporting Goods Section.. On 'Buy A New Baseball Bat Week!..' Does A Black-N-Blue.. Wilson 31" S…

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    Yup.. I Got Jumped Tonight. November 19, 2011. No.. There Was No Build-Up. Pretend Beef.. Words Exchanged. Actions Speaking Louder Than Words. No Unusual Comments. No Banter. No Weird Conversation.

    Minus One Time: 4 Weeks Ago. Two Bigg Dudes Come In To 'Scare-Me' About Being Who I Am. Ratt Move. Gee.. I'm A Sicilian Too.. Why Don't You Just Always Call Me A LIar.

    I Never 'Topic' Biker Words.. Unless I'm Am Made To 'Feel-Less-Than' >> You Don't Know That.

    I've Had The.. Biggest Ratt Move Problems In History.. Over>> MY BIKER PAST.. And PRESENT. Note: Always A Very..Very..Very.. Long-Time Ago.

    1970'S And Early 1980's AsSs-Hole: I Was Sentenced To Life In Prison. Plymouth House Of Corrections. I Wasn't Even 17 Years Old.. (I-Was-Very-Young) In Pl…

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    'He' Had Already Followed Me To Walmart. Two Days Ago.. I Had To Buy Toothpaste.~ "This Shiitt Better End.." I Said To Myself. I Haven't Spoken To Anyone.. In Three Boring Years Now. For This Reason. (Two-Days-From-Now) (I-Couldn't-Wait..LOL) Slam! I Get Attacked. Same 'Dude'..

    ME: Walmart: I Bought AQUAFRESH Toothpaste.. Couldn't Find AIM.. Distracted By The New Stalker.. On My Case.. AIM Toothpaste: Is My Favorite. >>> HEY! A-Hole.. .97 Cents For AIM Toothpaste. Do That And Skip The 'Stalking-Me' Thing.. "Brush-Your-Fu-ucking-Teeth!"

    Anyways: I Went Back Yesterday.. And My AIM Toothpaste Was 'Right-There' Down On The Left. I Was Like: Yeah!.. Bigg-Day Here! I Found My AIM-Fu-ucking Toothpaste!~ Yeee-Haaaa!~ Yeee-Haaa!~

    It's Not Like Having …

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    This GlosSed-Over 'Lens-Flare- Version Is Pretty Cool.

    CRAZY jOE - nEW yORK cITY..btw.. Came In To Assist.. One Of The Times That I Was Shot..

    In Houston.. It's Still Me.. Just My New York Self..

    Note: Wild Eyes. Yeah.. 'Kill--KILL-KILL! LOL.. If You're Confused.. Thats Okay. It's Been A Long Life For Me..

    This Picture:

    Crazy-Joe : 2005 : Houston Texas :

    " Houston Was The Place.. They Tried To Put A Scar On My Face.." Mr. Scarface.


    Three (Good-Starting-Number! LOL) 427 Chevy Chevelle SS's.. >>> Jersey City. New Jersey. (Crazy) Joe's Auto-Body. "Gee Sammy (The-Bull).. Looking A Little Different" How Have My 427's Been?..

    FU-UCK!: 'This Guy Has No Idea What I'm Talking About!?'

    One Man. 10 Chevelle's.. And A Few Long DriveS Back H…

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    She Was LIKE.. ”Um.. (As-If.. I Have All Day) Whats That Pendant?..”

    ME: Okay I’m Bored…I’ll Say Something..To This ‘Dubbie' "Gee.. Um.. ’They’ Are Italy And Leo-The-Lion.."

    >>> Everyone On Earth Knows What These Pendants Are.. ‘Dubbie’ Must Work For The Retarded Branch Of ‘Your’ Federale' Govern-A-Mentals Or Something!..LOL..

    Got A Drink For Me Or ‘Something?’..Maybe A ‘Hello'.. Love Straight Out-Of-The-Box.. Perhaps?..

    'Just Friends' Sounds Better Than "Trapped In Dover NH' LOL..

    Anything Besides ‘Smart-AsSs” Instigative (These-IGGAS-Love-To-Instigate!) Work..For-Da-Man? (Laughable-Investigaatas)

    Whats Around My Neck 'Honey!?' $4,000!..LOL.

    $4,000.. That's What I Got Around My Neck ~$~

    Sorry To Be Soooo Obviously Rude.. However.. >>> Rude.. Gets…

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    Using his 'Covert' Methods Of Communication: Now Im Going To Be Run Over By A 'Mac-Truck' ME: No Comment. Good Luck With That 'Law-Degree' AsS-hOLE.. ~Telling People He's Really A Lawyer Now. Screaming.. Again: "I'll Be Joe's Lawyer.. How Do You Like That!" I Don't Need A Fake-Dumbo Lawyer For Anything.. Thank-You. Pudge-Face Bloated-OUT-Punk.

    One Sentence On All Of This: Tell Me I'm Not A Biker.. The Next Time I'm Wearing My Colors.

    You Do Remember.. What 'Colors' Are This Week Right..? >>>The Memory-LoSss Kid Or Something.

    >>>For The Women. Colors Are A.. ~Jacket..Vest..~ Or Even Sometimes..A Shirt.. ..Hat.. Or Tattoo: Mine Is "PAYBACK" On My Back : Across My Shoulders. Or Maybe Sometimes Only A Piece Of Jewelry.. Representing My Club Name.…

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    Scrabble-EEEE'S EVIL EEEE's... Hitt Yahoo! In 2006.. Crashed The Entire Yahoo!.com Site.. They Are Pacman Style EVIL EEE'S.. That Run Through The Site Smashing Everything Up!.. Yahoo! Lost Their.. Unique Version Of A Social Networking Site Yahoo! 360. The Site Was Basic.. Picture And Post Your Writing.. I Could Add A Wav. File For Music To Play. It Wouldn't Even Accept MP3's I Don't Think.

    I Met Joo-Lynne (Always-Spelt-Wrong-Kid) From Alaska On Yahoo!. I Started A Yahoo! Relationship Discussion Group There.. That Was Pretty Good. We Would Have Conference Meetings.. I Would Speak On The Microphone.. We Would Use Yahoo! Messenger Webcams To Keep It Live. Pretty Cool Actually. I Met Tons Of Women. And Dated Tons As Well. Very Cool. Following U…

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    This Picture: ME. My 'Uncle Murdah' Picture.

    Hey 'Buddy' Thanks For.. Holding Onto My Chains For Me Last Night!".. LOL..


    ~ Bet This. You're Not Angry Now Are You? ~ > PART-tIME wARRIORS aRE tHE bEST.

    dID i eVER tELL yOU aBOUT.. tHE cOLUMBIAN iN hOUSTON tEXAS.. tHAT tRIED tO sTRANGLE mE?.. tO dEATH! >> All Of You Can Relate To That!.. LOL.. "i Was Like.. Ugg Ugg Ugg.. Stop You're Choking Me!" LOL..

    >>> Not ReAlly.. It Sounds Funny Though..

    Twisted-Times: 'King And Queens And Guilottines" ~The Kings And Queens Of Heaven And Hell~ Need-Not-Tell..

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    bOsToN MasSaChuSettS: December 2003: ..LinDEmAn gOvERnmEnt CenTer..

    "yA'ALL MuST bE iN DiFfErENT.. tIME oR SPasE-zONes OR sOMETHING.. tO bE mEssin' With me!"

    ( I Was Held There For 4 1/2 Months.. Then Moved To Taunton State Hospital.. WhEN theY rAn -OuTAA PeOple.. >> My PeRsONaL thEOrY.

    I Took A 6 Month Commitment.. I Was Found: ~$~ Not Competant To Stand Trial ~$!

    It Seems As Though The Universe .. Was Working On My 'Insanity-Plea'

    The BuSH's.. They Were Bragging oN tHeiR 'RoOtS'.. This As A: BiGG-tYMerS- C. I. A. 'oPERATION'

    I'm Like: " YeAH.. tHAT sOUnDS Good.. NoW whErE tHE fu-UcK Is My mOnEy -IgGa~$~ >>>ThaT-A-TaT-tAt sOUnds ALL GOOD... Ya'AaaL.. C.I.A. nOw.. ! LOL.. >>> Whateva-IgGa!

    "I gOT uP aND sTarted ScrEAMING: "WAR! Good God! What Is…

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    Hot Topic: Child Support And.. >>> Why 'You're' A Smart-ASsS...

    I Never 'Knock' The Money..

    But Let's Get Real..Shall We? ...

    "Dees-Guys"..."Dis Guy".... Ever Seen These Hill-Billies... Go On And Act 'I'talian?...

    You! >> Never >>> All Cool Sporty And Good With The Women..!? LOL..Yeah.. >>>Think It's A Game?.. Well Then We're In It..

    Georgey-Da-Bush Of The.. Federal-Government-Al(Mental-Case) .. Knows I Never Owed Child Support.. He Makes Me Pay 15,100.. Three Times Thus Far.. (3-TIMES!) >>>To Prove His Smart-ASsS prowess. The 'Third' Payment Has Been Of Course.. Money Docked Out Of.. All Of My (Hard-Worker) Paychecks.. $106.00 Per Month.. And Now With My Continued.. Battle With The Federal Government.. My Social Security (Permanant-Disability)…

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    'Dude' We All KNow You're Stuck In 1990... You Died And Went (Sent) To Dover NH... Gods Way Of Saying: "Hey! Georgey-Da-Bush.. Perhaps You Should: S.T.F.U..."

    Hey! ! YOU ! Just Told Everyone.. That There's No-Such-Thing... As A 'Rockstar Energy Drink' NO! Georgey-Da-BuSh... Not In 1990 There Wasn't.

    Tune-Up Your Fuu-ucking.. Time-Warp Machine Will You!? HA HA HA .. This is Another 'Stupid-Moment-in-History' Everyone Is Cringing. The Doggs Are Mocking You 'Georgey-Da-Bush!'

    Cumberland County Jail.. BTW.. November 1995 Celebrating Their 16 Year Anniversary Of My.. Bashing Out All 53 Inmates With Shaving Cream Cans. A Little Early Morning Problem.. 'Some-One' Thought It Would Be Funny.. If 'Joey' Missed His Shave.. Nope! 'Still' Not Funny! Call …

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    This Picture: My PAYBACK Tattoo. 1996-1997 Style.

    Okay..So They Didn't Understand What A 1% Biker Was..The Next Thing..

    They're All Running OUT And About..Screaming About How They're All.. 99%-ers.." And You Better Get Used To It.."

    I'm Like: "Okay..So What Do You Actually Do With Your 99%-er Status?.."

    Idiot-Stick (Reality-Quote): "Oh You Know..We Just Run-Our-Mouths Near You And Hope For A 'Response'

    Do You Have Any Idea (Clue) What That 'Response' Might Be..? Hmmm.. LOL..

    Anyways: It’s Funny How They (Some-Of-You-Too) All Call Themselves 99%ers.. I Mean..W.T.F Is With That? Is Your Stupid-Button On ‘Star-Stuck’ Again?

    HA HA HA ..I’m Still A 1% Biker.. But Hey! Thank-You For The (Un) Intelligent Banter.

    Don't Look For The Bike.. Look For The Ri…

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    I Slept All Day Long.. "I Must Be Waging War Against People.."

    Yup.. See You At The Dollar Store Ambush.. I Cant Wait.. King Dollar Will Make The Map.. When You Ignorant-Isly Scream: "HEY! You're Not A Hells Angel!.. (See How Funny It Sounds Now) ~Because I Really Care About That Today.. While I'm Shopping For Macaroni-And-Cheese.. Best Prices!~ "I Really Give A Fu-uuck!" Or.. HEY! You're Not A Sicilian! Or.. HEY! You Didn't Just Live In Texas For Four Years! Or.. HEY! You're Not From Massachusetts! Or.. HEY! You're Not From Maine.. Where You Lived For A Dozen Years! Or.. HEY! I Saw You're Taxes..And I'll Still Say: HEY! You Didn't Really.. Make $15.25 An Hour At 'Bailey's Surf N' Turf' In Wareham Massachusetts! Or HEY! You Didn't Really.. …

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    Joey Alizio Jr : Hitman 1972 : JoeygoodfellaX :

    Smilez From Dover New Hampshire. Watching Paint Dry For 3 Years Now No Action Whatsoever.. No Love Here For This Guy. Just 'Absolut' Negativity. Can't Find Anything Good

    2008 - Stopped Looking About the Time My Car Was Ruined. 2001 Mercury Sable 70,000 Original Miles. !~Don't Fu-uuck With My Car 'Dude' Shii-iitt Hits That Fan~! Nope. Not Listening.

    Blown Engine.

    AsSs-Holes At V.I.P AUTO Turned A 'Simple' Alignment (Because-You-Are-A-'Simpleton') Into A Oil Pan Serious Leak.

    My Engine Blew Just A Week Later It Was A Slow Leak And Then Bam!

    Oh (This-Is-Worse) I Got A New Car From My Dadd.. I Leveraged A Little Reality Into 'OUR' Situations I Always Pay For Everything When I Was 'NOT' Supposed To Be D…

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    These Idiot-Stick Guys.. Were Telling All Of The Women.. How They Know Everything.. Thats Happening In The Future.. " We've Seen The Future!"

    ~Obviously They Were.. Trying To 'Create' My Future 'For-Me'..~

    ME: "Yeah Sure 'BuddieS'.."

    We Don't Know Why. But They Told Everyone That My Cheapo.. Samsung Cell Phone Is Worth $7,000 >>> Or More. No Idea Why. Maybe You Yourself.. Have Heard These Idiot Stories?

    It Turns Out: Thats Why I Was JACKED-UP (By The Local Policia) At Dunkin' Donuts..When I First Moved Here. "Using Your $7,000 Cell Phone Are You!?" "We've See The Future!" " Don't Come Here For Coffe Anymore.. For (You-May-Have)Using Your Cell Phone!" ME: W.T.F Did You Just Tell Me 'Buddy-Policia?'

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    Another View: On Das-Attack:

    Choco : Just Another Cool Pic.

    ‘Choke-Hold’ Thats What It Means. Wrestling Term. ‘Choco’ Was Once The Nickname Of An.. Old Opponent Of Mine. Sunny-Day (I Called Him).. He Was An Arrogant Egostistical..Ass-Hole. Bigger Than He Should Have Been As Well. 1993: ‘wORK-oUT yOu Punk!’..LOL.

    I Took On Four Of Them At Once.. Up In Portland Maine. It Was The Bigg Four.. AS You All KNew Them. I Also Threw In Up to Three (Fighters-Choice) More Opponents. Note: Fuu-uuck-You PAY-ME. Open ‘Street-Sanctioned’ Fight Challenges. ~Turn The Other Way~ Portland Events Many More Fight ‘Challenges’ Were To Follow. I Won Every One Of Them. Sometimes I Came Back.. At It. To Set A Record Or Two Straight. P.S. No One DIDN’T Know That I Am A…

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    This Is A Real Quote.. Referring To My Being Attacked Last Night:

    Old Man: “Put The Fear Of Death In His Mind.”

    Gee ‘Old Man’..That Sounds Like Fun. Thanks.

    3 Refreshing Beverages. No Conversation At All. Not One Person In Three Years Has Spoken With Me. Hey! I’m A fRIENDLY fUNNY..fU-UCKING gUY. And You Leveraged Everyone Against Me.

    So Anyways.. After A ‘Dude’ Stole My Seat From Me.. I Decided To Hit The Restroom And Leave.. NO! jOEY! You Need To Be Assaulted Instead.. In 5 More Minutes I Would Simply Be.. Driving Straight Home. »> To No-One BTW.

    i mEAN lIKE: hEY! Fuck-You-Dude.

    My Life Was Good.. Until ‘You’ Got Involved.. With It Once Again. HOLD-UP! AsS-hOLE. Refresh:

    15.25 Per Hour. Restaurant Management Position. Guaranteed 48 Hours Per Wee…

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    Hmmm. T-Mobile Knows Where I Was Last Night. These 'Guys' Ever Just S.T.F.U?

    T-mobile Is The Name Of My.. (Samsung) Cell Phone Service Provider. I Have Nation-Wide Coverage. My T-Mobile Cell Phone Service Is From.. (Guess-What-AsSHole) HOUSTON TEXAS. They Know Where I Was Last Night. Satellite Will Report The Bathroom Down The Street.

    >>> Getting Felony Assaulted. You Wish To Steal My $4,000 Gold Chains?.. Well There You Go.. Bigg-Texas Thinking Again! 'Dude' I Tore Texas Up.

    (Where Some -'Bad-Word'- Suddenly Claims I Never Lived) NO 'Buddy' I NEVER lIVED iN hOUSTON fOR 4 yEARS. Determined Disabled By.. The Social Security Administration In Houston Texas. wOULD-yOU-lIKE-tO-sEE.. -The-nEXT-tIME-yOUaTACK-mE..

    My State Of Texas Identification Car…

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    Hurt - Johnny Cash..Means Alot To Me..

    Perhaps 21 Years Ago.. Just Let That Song Play.. Hurt - Johnny Cash Was Released In 2002. Supposedly 'Nine-Inch-Nails' Wrote This Tune. Absurd. I Was In Houston Texas.. Saw The 'Nine-Inch-Nails'..Myself.. Not Just In Concert. This Song Was Written To.. "Shut A-Man (Many-Men..Wish Death Upon Me) Down Once And For All.." Named 'GeorgeY-Da-Bushi' 'His Partners' 'His Soldiers'.. 'His Compardres'..'His Lucky-Sevens' .."What Is This All About?.. What Is The Meaning Of This?"

    >>>End Of A Fuu-uucking Era..

    The 'Cardo' Hit :

    >>> Ask The Devils Disciple In The Backseat.. Lonely Road..Lonely Ride.. >>> And The Other Devils Disciple In The Front Seat.. >> Grim Reapers MC Massachusetts Represent.. >>> "We Don't Front.…

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    Come On! I'm Talking About The Godfather.. The Movie! >>> Oh It Was A Movie Too?

    Anonymous Uncle: .."We Some Sicilians Up In This Mutha-!#$!.. ..-iGgaa--I Was Livin'-That-Shii-iit!.."

    Remember Moe Green..? Threatening 'Lil Fella' For A Moment Or Two.. Woke Up With That Horses Head In His Bed.. >>>Wanna-Bet-On-That!?..LOL.. >>> LOL..It Was A Race Horse!..Get It!?

    Freddo (Uncle Freddie) Killed It Though Didn't He? He Was A Rat.. " No Getting Out Of 'This-One' Freddo!" "Let's Go On A Little Boat Ride 'Theere'..Freddo.." LOL..

    North Shore Cinemas.. Boston Massachusetts Read.. >>> For 15 Years Straight:

    Uncle Freddie's Dead :
    Perhaps A 'Tribute' To The Godfather..
    The Real Godfather..
    Boston Massachusetts :
    Raymond Patriaca.. Nicknamed: 'The-Saint'

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    This Picture: Actually It's Entitled..'Pink-Robert'-A Guy From Houston (Richard-The-Cross-Dresser) Fancied Himself To Appear.. And Present Himself As.. Brandie-Blonde-Cummings (Notta-Real-Last-Name) >>> Such Is Life. I Make The Artwork Either Way. It's A Pretty Badd-AsSs Look. Thats Why I Created It.

    Anyways: Is This What Plymouth, Mass. 1986.. Was 'All-About'.. To You?

    I Was Working At Scruples Restaurant..Plymouth Waterfront.. Across From Ocean-Spray Cranberry Plant.. With The Newest Lossaaaa Cardo (Nacknamed-M-M-M-'Stuttering Mute') Scott-Da-Smart-AsSs-O-Reilly..Lost-Bigg-Joee-Hog-Lundie (My-Chevy-Nova).. Bigg-Joe-Idiot-Meatball (Behind-The-Scenes).. And The Rest Of This Idiot-Crew..

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    This Picture: Houston Texas Represent! 2004-2008 Kartoon-Style-FX..Featuring 'Crime Scene' Sixes.. LOL..

    'Frosted-Mini-Wheats'..Thats What I 'LIKE'..

    Okay So I Run In My Sleep..And My Leg Freezes Up (Called 'Growing-Pains')

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    I Like! (Facebook-Reference-LOL) I Like To Write About Every-Day Life. I Love Creating Fresh Photo-Art..Picture-Magic! Photography. Photo-Effects. Foto-FX. I Also Create Music Videos For 14 Music Videos Posted Thus Far. Many More To Come. Mostly Hip-Hop Genre.

    My Legendary Battles With Life.. Ignorance.. And The..Federal Government.. Come Quite Easily To Speak On..

    Social Security Disability.. Has Been Not-So Fun.. My Insanity Plea In Boston Massachusetts.. Set Precedent.. Believe It Or Not.. ('Psychotic?'.. Well Yes! If That What It Legally Takes.) I Write About Biker Stuff.. Being A Chef.. Line-Cooking In Restaurants.. Hard-WorkIng Jobs I've Had.. Many Many Thinking Man Topics As Well..

    >>> Look..If You're An A-Hole.. From Uncle…

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    They Like The Music.. And Then They Have To 'Sarcasm' It. To Appease Their Ignorant Boyfriends. You See 'Them' Out At The.. 'Sort-Of-A-Dance-Club':

    "Oh Okay..Okay...DANCE!..But 'Keep-It-White'..Or Else..!" Don't Lift Your Feet Up Too High. Don't Wave Those Eyes. Watch Your Arm Movements. Act Like You Hate The Music. Don't Look At Other Men (Joey Alizio Jr: ME) ..LOL.. Never Dance With Another Man. Only Your Ugly Friends. "Huh! What? Oh Okay Then..Make Them Look Ugly!"

    >With Top-40 Hip-Hop Music Of Course. And Just (Whateva-Low-Level-Education-Guy) Teach Everyone 'A (Whitte-Trash) Lesson'

    Okay Girl: I Was Just Browsing And.. I Was Interested In 'Your' Music Selection.. Hmm.. Music Lip-Sync-Video Immediately: I Know You Got 'The-Bugg'.. It's Ca…

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    Double-Jeopardy On '' -Click-Here

    “I Lost On Jeopardy Baby!”… Love That Song.. Anyways: ~ DOUBLE-JEOPARDY~

    This Shii-iit Right Here… Yaa’aall… ‘YoU-Doesn’t’ Know NADA About…

    Best Believe…. Sing Along Moment» “Grab That Stupid !#$! By Her Nappy-AsS-Sleave!”

    Some Of Us Find The Law (Criminal Defense-Especially)… Most Interesting And Exciting.

    Freedom Is Priceless.. .But DO-YOUR-TIME-MAAAN (dOWN fOR mINE) - ‘David Staples - Plymouth, Mass. HA’-1974).. And You Are A HERO Somewheres On This Earth.. Wii( ‘i’-Straight-Pound-That-Eye)th Your Brothers Arms Wide Open..



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  • Joeyaliziojr

    This Picture: Hitman 1972 - JoeygoodfellaX - First Created In July 2005 - RemiX-Edit-2011 -

    Breaking News! NO! NO! Commercial More Important Than All Of You Combined. Love That “NO! NO! NO! …NO! NO! Song..! I Obviously Don’t Know(NO!) The WordS.. That Song B.T.W Has: Nothing To Do With This.. Primo-Upper-Echelon-No-Limit-T.V.-Event!

    The Idiot-Guy On The Commercial : ”I Don’t Normally Remove The Hair From My Arms..”

    Stupi-Fied-Girlie: They Call This A : ”Perfect NO! NO! Experience..”

    Crazy -Igga Says: Shave His-Ask-The-Hole And I wON’T sTOP wATCHING! lol…

    Oh No You Didn’t : Wild-Eyed-Bii-iitch Says: “I’m Italian… So You Know I’m Hairy” «< Now We’re Both Throwing Up..!

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    "It's Funny To Have Known Your Enemy For Your Entire Life.. He (They)Must Not Have Been Much Of A True Competitor..Hmmm.."

    So Anyways: They Mistakenly Called 'This' : Collusion

    No! That Was A 'Collision' .. As In My 1991 Chevy Caprice Being Totaled. By 'You' ..

    You Get Everything Wrong 'Georgey-Da-Bush' Thats Why We Don't Try To.. Listen Through Walls Anymore..

    It Was A Fake Accident Where My Vehicle Suffered Damage. I Know That For A Fact. This Was Just 2002 BTW. Tell Shannon (My-Live-In-Girfriend) How 'Top-Secret' ..This Is .. ~Just One-More-Time~ That She Has To Pretend An Accident... Funny Part: And Then 'Steeven(Notta-Real-Name-LOL) (HEY! Stupid-Idiots--Known-'Him'-Since-19-Fuu-uucking-70) Will Come 'Remove-The-Target'.. Whateva! Militar…

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    .. “Whats Up ‘VIAGRO!”.. “Ya’ll Better Respect This Here.. Peenis”

    I like When People Mouth Off When They Don’t Know Jack-Shii-iit..

    Okay.. ‘VIAGRA’ Viagra Simply Offers More Blood Flow To A Mans Penis.. It Also Offers Many More Orgasm ‘Times’ To Boot.. It’s Also Very Mind Stimulating.. Women Love It.. They Really Fii-iing Love It. Up To 7 Women In A dAY.. In Houston..-Igga Please! «

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    This Picture Is Called : Risotto-Pan-Golden-Magic : Two :

    Last-Tonights Dinner. 11/17/2011.. Chicken And Risotto 'Ruined-Soup'..

    100%-Extra-Virgin-Oilve-Oil..Curry..Paprika.. Chicken-Stock..5#-Whole-Chicken-Breasts.. Crushed-Red-Peppers..Onion-Powder.. N'Orleans-Cajun-Seasoning..Chicago-Steak-Seasoning.. Mediterranean-Sea-Salt..Smashed-Black-Peppercorns.. Fill-Stock-Pot-With-Cool-Water..Cook..Boil..Simmer.. Add Sautee'd-In-Pure-Olive-Oil.. Garlic-Onions-Mushrooms-Green-Peppers.. Seperately-When-Reheating.. Add-3-Cups-New-Chicken-Stock..

    This Custom-Deluxe-El-Basilio-Design-Picture.. Created From Three Pan Shots.. Using A High-Speed Camera Operator.. LOL..

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    Satan Pictures Are Cool.. Nice Foto-FX..Photo-Effects.. I Have Dozens Of New Versions.. Sooooo.. «< Beat-It! Junkie! …LOL.. Some Old-School Thoughts: Um…Um…Pfsst…Pfsst.. (Sarcastically-Being-‘You’-For-A-Moment)

    Dear Abigale (Stupid-Over-Reapeated-Name), I Do Not Want To Treat You Like A Princess..

    I Want You To Have A Job..

    And (Guess-What) W-O-R-K… 4-A-Living.. Pampered..Yup.. I’m Sure That Idiot-Stick Does ‘All-That’ For You..

    2-Dollar Day Sure Comes Quick..Doesn’t It..! Jealous Of My New Boots.. That’s What That H.O -To-The- M.0..Is..! »>HA HA HA ..

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    Ready For Some: Top-Secret-Action There…Georgey-DaS-Bush..? ~Have Some Fun With It~

    Well Here Goes… Just Pay Attention.. -Heroine- Yes! Heroine.. (Never-Liked-Even-Printing-The-Word) Heroine Is What?.. Well I’ll Tell You The Truth Here ‘RUTH’..

    Heroine Is Actually A.. Black-Naturally Colored Cocaine Substance. ~(Yup-I-Know-It’s-Illegal- JUST- Put-Your- -Two-Dollar-PlaStic-Badge-Away-For-A-mOMENT-wILL-YA!)~

    Extemely Shiny.. High-Gloss.. High-Powered ‘Stuff’ 90% Pure-0- Back In The Day This Black Cocaine Was Called: ‘Blacka-Licious’…Or ‘Black Hero’ .. Hence..You Are My Heroine.. This Black Cocaine Was Primarily provided In The.. Black Neighborhoods Of (Firstly) New York City. ~Innocently-Enough~ This Was A Basic ‘Good-Thought’ Process.. Because…

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    Hey! Ever Do This? Hey! Just ‘Forget-About-It!”.. LOL.. Hey!

    Pork Roast Tenderloin (Incidentally-Only-$1.98-Per-Pound-I-Took-10 Lbs.-There-Soldiiieeer!): Market Basket…’I LIKE’ To Call It ‘Market-Bastard’ And Then I Laugh! So…But Anyways: Not Sure When I Put This In The Oven…

    But I Just Found It!..LOL..

    Some-Time During The Cinnabunn Experiment.. Not REally An EXperiment (I’m A bAD-Ass Cook Damnittt!)..

    »> Just Sounds Like ‘You’ Talking…For A Moment.. You Know: I’m Being Funny.. And Your’re Still An AsSs-Hole And All.. HA HA HA ..

    Anyways: Note My: Boston Red-Sox World Champions ‘Experimental’ Hat! ..LOL.. 2007.. You Weren’t Around Then.. Sorry ‘Charlie’.. «< Daddy(This-Daddy) ‘Dunn’ Timed You OUT! HA HA HA But Hey!.. You’re Back!

    »> Well Hey! …

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    ME - 2003 : "Hey! Dina (Cookie-Girl-Originally)..Take Your Meds” "tAKE yOUR mEDS" Is My 'Family's' Way Of Saying.. 'Just Kill-Us.. Because We're Sooo Stupid'.. LOL.. That Type Of Sarcasm Never.. Ever.. Worked Very Well With Me..

    ~Family Seance Witchcraft~ Thats What 'Someones' Family Thinks They Are Using.. The Satans Worshippers' They Were Calling Themselves. She Didn't Understand That It Was An.. Outlaw Biker Club She Was Smart-AsSing.. Like 'Im Some Little Pretend Satan Worshipper Or Something. Quee-eer. Lamola. Gaa-aay! You-Are-Idiots..To Me.

    Anyways: They Just Couldn't Figure OUT One Of My Biker Club NameS..

    Oh Is It 2011.. The Name Was Devils Disciples MC : Boston Massachusetts ..'Lolly'..

    Yup 'Lolly' And I Were Related A LOng Time Ago…

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    Hot-Dogg-Da-Man Says: "You Like A Bigg-Fatt-Weenie?.. Oh Yeah You Do!"

    SMOKING: .."Oh.. I'm Trying To Quit.. "Oh Well.. Leon Spinks (Famous?-Boxer) Was "Trying To Quit Too.." After He Got His Teeth Knocked-The-Fuu-uuck-Out!

    HEY! Smile.. Because You Suck (You-Smoke).. And HEY! You Don’t Know That WE-KNOW-IT (That-You-Suck).

    HEY! Smile Because You Smoke..And HEY! You Still Suck.. But HEY! You Still Don’t Know It..But HEY! WE-DO-KNOW-IT..

    HEY! Smoking Is Like A DOUCHE. HEY! Don’t Be A Douche.

    “Earn Your Red Wings..” Yup I KNow Two Ways To What This Means.. »> One-For-You.. and One-For-ME..LOL.. “I Need A Smoke..” (Notta)Music To My Ears..

    BLA BLA Boooring-Ist.. Bratt-A-Tat-Tat..

    You Smell. Your Fingers Smell. Your Breathe.. »> Needs Me To Be Drunk..…

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    First Off: I Do Laugh.. Alot. People Are Stupid Alot..LOL..

    This Has Been Going On Forever. 1967-2011 Dare I Say.... All The Waaay Back In Other Worlds.

    I Was In My Fuu-uucking Crib.. This AssS-Hole Was Running His Mouth. "You're Not Disabled!"..I'm Like Ga-Ga..Goo-Goo..iGGA! Shotgun Blast! Just Like MY UNCLE VINNIE ALLEN Taught Me..!

    In 1990 They're Like..You're Not Disabled..So There!" I'm Like: Yeah..Thats Good News Isn't It? I Mean LIKE..HEY! Whats Your Fuu-uucking Point? 'High-Point' -Igga!

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    This Was Early 1990: Coin-Operated Laundry-Mat… Cape Elizabeth Maine..South Portland Side:

    Idiot Stick George-Da-Bush Claims There WILL Be A Robbery Tonight..

    (Side-Note: Georgey-Da-Bush-Jr..Leaves His Money At Home..LOL.. Always Thinking On The Brighter-Side Georgey!..)

    “Cuz I Say So..Bigg-Joe-Meatball (For-mOre-Idiot-Reasons) Makes These Things Happen”

    Did I Mention That This Fuu-uucking Laundro-Mat Is Merely Coin Operated.. An ‘Automated’ Laundry-Mat.. »> There Is No One There To Really Rob.. LOL..

    Anyways: I’m There With: Cindy Laundry Jigga-Fro -And- Amy-Fisher-Price-iS-Free.. I Find 6 $100 Bills In With My Wet Clothes..Cool..

    >>> Just Another Day-Fuu-uuck-Face!

    ‘Meatball-Fuck-Stick’ Comes In And Shoots Me And At Me 6 Times.. Stopping A ‘Ro…

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    Stupid News Heading From Stupid-News-America: ‘1 Million Americans Have Switched Their Accounts From Big Banks’ ..Hmmm.. I’m Already PiSsed! LOL..

    Gee..Thats A Fuu-uucking Great Idea! No Atm’s.. No Locations.. No Convenience.. Probably No Online Service..”WebSite? NO! Whats That?”

    »>Just Switch Back To Black And White Television Why Don’t You!?.. You Are Of ‘Genius’..All Of ‘You’..«

    Hold-Up! November 13, 2011. No-News-Network.

    Jesuss ChriStMass..It’s A ‘LITTLE-LATE’ To… ‘Say-Something’ To Joe..Isn’t It?

    Couldn’t You Just Wait Another 21 Years For Your.. BIIGG-Fuu-uuCking-SmArtAssS-cOMMeNT..?

    Hmmm…Let’s See 1990-2011 Boring As All-Stiffs Would Be..

    I Mean Wow!..You Are Such Movers-And-Shakers..

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  • Joeyaliziojr

    Okay. So My Garbage Disposal Broke. Leaks Water. Bought New One. The Insink-Erator Badger-5! Had To Install Cord Last Night. Now I Have To Get Some Plumbers Seal. For The Drain Not To Leak.

    This Is Where You 1990 AsSsholes Come In. Here Comes ‘Mr. C.I.A ’ Himself To ‘Inspect’ This Subject. LOL

    What Did You Say I Was Doing? Those Words Are Traitorous. Take Them Back In Public…You Useless ‘Coward’..

    ‘Buddy’..We Go Waaay Back..But We’re Not We.

    Anyways..Wish Me Luck Installing My.. New Insink-Erator Badger-5! Garbage Disposal.. and ..Learn How To S.T.F.U.. We’re Done Here ‘PAL’..

    Note: My Shovel Heads.. >>> To The Right Of This Picture.. 'Old School' (From 3rd-Grade) Mount Pleasant Grade School. Plymouth Massachusetts

    'D-D' ..Devils Disciples MC M…

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