HEY! Does Anyone Remember: Vincent 'The-Chin' Gigante..? The Myth..The Legend.. 1960's ~Number-One! Stand-Up-Man~ The F.B.I Reports In New York Were : "He Walks Around All Day In A Bathrobe.. We Think He's 'CRAZY' Or Something"

Know One Knows Whatever Happened To.. 'Vincent 'The-Chin' Gigante B.T.W: His Name Was An O-Rall SeX-Reference..LOL.. He Had "Tons Of Women" With Him 24/7..

Some People Say That New York Famous: 'Joey-Gallo' .. Named (Nicknamed: Crazy-Joe As Well) (Last-Named-For-That.. -Bottle-Of-Gallo-Wine-Over-An-Idiots-Head) Might Know Vincent 'The-Chin' Very Well.

The Government Says That They May Have Been : 'One In The Same'.." Did He Wear Glasses?"..LOL..

Anyways : He Was The Un-Official..(Reportedly) Un-Authorized..Head Of The Big-Five Crime Families.. In The State Of New York..New Jersey Largely Noted.. No One Knows What Ever Happened To Joey Gallo Either. Hell...I Knew 'Joey-Batts' Myself.. Killed His Father With A Baseball Bat.. For Threatening His Uncle.. (Every Sicilian On Earth.. Knew 'Joey-Batts' -Fuu-uucking Legend) 'Crazy-Joe' Ianucci..Said It Best: "-Igga!..I Don't Need A Fuu-uucking 'UZI'.."

<<< Gee..Figure OUT That Last Name Will You? HA HA HA

And Well...Here I Am...'Crazy-Joe' From Portland Maine. All Of Massachusetts. Milwaukee Wisconsin. Seattle Washington. Sicily Alaska. Columbia Maryland. Houston Texas. Miami Florida. East-ToTheWest. North-Side We Ride. And 'Un-Officially' New York City. New Jersey. Finite.

Anyways: Here We Go:

Gotta Love This Idiot-Stick Georgey-Da-Bush-Guy (~Junior-Edition Of Georgey-Da-Bush BTW Daddy-Pops Took 100 Million Rounds.. In A Gay-Peoples-Park In New York City.)

So..Anyways: Mr. Patronization Himsel… I LIKE To Call Him Mr. President..When I’m Really Bored. And ‘Mr. (King-Pin) C.I.A.’ (Knows-How-To-Delete-My-Myspace-For-No-Reason) When I’m Quote: ‘Hopped’ Up On My Rockstar Energy Drinks They Didn't Realize That Rockstar Is Just A... 'Cup-Of-Coffee'..

This Is HimBeing Himself: ” Gee Joe, Who Didnt Obey The Rules? I’m Confused. What Rules Were Broken?”

Funny After I Just Spent $90,000 Dollars On A Lawyer In Boston.

Note: 'Someone' Else 'Thinks' That 'They Paid For My Lawyers Fees.. Carlo Gambino Himself.. Has Me On Retainer For All You Know. Of Course The Government Is Always There Trying To Block.. My 'Real' Defense Team. "These Guys Wanna Be My Defense Team.. And Prosecute Me At The Same Time"

(Mr. Idiot Government Wants.. 'In' On Every Fii-iing Angle -Just- Doesn't He!?) 'They' Already Had.. My Defense Scenario Planned Out..Apparently. And They Just Sit there.. Thinking It All 'Went-Through' For Them. ~Stupid~ This Is What Happens.. When You Create Stories And Scenarios In Advance. We All Have To Suffer.. Because 'You' (Think-That-You) Know Everything. I just Go With It.. But ..W.T.F 'Dude?'.. Do You Ever 'Keep-It-Real?'..

Anyways.. I'm In This Shii-iit Due To This AssS-Hole. And His 'Forcing-My-Cards' For A Billion Years Now..

These Were Badly Mocked-Up Charges.. But That I seriously Wanted To Beat.. Get That 'Insanity-Plea'.. And You're Set-For-Life. Realistically Of Course I Would Never Have Wanted To Deal With.. This Bogus..Obviously Fake Situation. None Of The Guys Had 'Clips' In Their Weapons.. "He's Too.. Dangerous(For-Us-To) To Carry A Loaded Weapon" I'm Like: Yeah..I Got That..Which One Of You.. Is The Biggest Idiot Here!?"..LOL..

Anyways Getting This Insanity Plea.. Set Precedent In A Big Way. "Fuu-uucking 'Hero' Dude.." Every REAL Biker On Earth.. Just Breathed A Sigh Of Relief.. Us Sicilians Have.. Been Waiting Since The 60's For This. Everyone On Earth Knew About This In Advance. Even Your Federal Government: My Response: << I Wasn't Looking For.. This 'Time-Saving' Event -AsSs-Hole.

None-Of-This Was To The Governments Advantage. The Real Federal Government.

Not Those Fake Barkers.. Who Tell You What To Do All Day Long... For No Apparent Reason. Leader-Ship Problems.. All The Way To Dover NH Itself.

Anyways: Insanity-Plea… 6 Months Mental Institution. Life Tied-Up And Ruined For A While. Relocation To Houston Texas.. -I Knew That One In Advance Social Security Disability. Limited Income<< Means What!? To You! I Mean: Gee 'Dude': ”Who Didn’t Obey The Rules!?(Upper-Quote)” Smart-SAsSS-bACK-tO-You.

No More Bragging For You: ”Hey ‘Buddy’..There Is No C.I.A.. We Disbanded Them’s Back In The 70’s..” ”Now Go Play In A Mudd Puddle.. Little Georgey” ~Manomet Massachusetts Notation~

1990: Run For President. You Are Such A Hero. Ever Been A Marine… And Then(Of-Course)You Can Never Prove That You Were!? Yup..Thats You. I Was In Desert Storm In 1990..

Firstly: It Was A Car Ride Over To The South Portland Maine Mall.. 18-Wheeler In The Parking Lot.. "Just Hop-On In.." Yeah<<< Fu-uck-Off. ~These Guys Are That Stupid And Sarcastic~ ~They Think That.. No One Will Know Anything They're Doing~ So Obviously.. No One Planned On Actually Going To Iraq.. Well Guess What..I Do Have Pull 'Some-Where' Hate To Tell You. I Used My Pull. .And Took Flight.. All The Way Straight Through To Iraq. Iraq Is Not What You Think It Is. The Government Told A Lie...A Bigg Lie. ~And You Purpetrate That Lie Every Day~ These Are Lies That They Have Never Gotten Out Of. YES! I Saw Action In Iraq..Too Bad It Was 'George-Da-Bush' Trying To Kill Me. Truth. Badd Is Badd..'Dude'.. My Status: 'Hyper-Intense' Marine.. We 'Run' Before 'First-In'..

The Government Has Always Refused To Pay Me.. It's Been Soo Long Ago Now.. I Report In As 'No-Status' Whatsoever. Nothing. Thats What I Got For Putting In My Time.

Anyways: Iraq: Guess What: I Didn’t See You There. Pop-Secret(Top-Secret-Sarcasm) Was More Exciting. There Is No War. It's All For The MONEY: Stop LOOKING FOR HAND-OUT FUNDING. Fake Another Hurricane ..Why Don’t You. Hurricane ‘Katrina’..Hmmm.. I Was In The City Of Houston That Day.. Gee.. Did It Even Rain? Go Get Your Welfare Money ‘Buddy’.. And Perhaps Just S.T.F.U

Why Don’t You (Not).. Take Another 44 Of My Years To.. Figure Thses Things Out.

George-Da-Bush In Houston Texas.. Called Me A Mexican. (As-In-A-Derogatory-Reference) He's Convinced That I'm The Real Carlo La Coya. (He's A Very Popular Houston Texas Recording Artist.. -Attempting To Branch Out-Into-The -LOL- Free-World) -Igga$! I May Be Just That 'Fella'.. But Set This Straight.. Please: The Real Carlo La Coya Was A Sicilian Anyways 'Dude' ~Music To Me Means-Go-With-The-Flow~

"Oh..I'm A Mexican.. And That's Badd!? Oh Okay Then.. Leave The Mexican Women Alone.. Then By The Way"

Oh YES! US SICILIANS LOVE THAT JOKE. Go Be-low A Monkey.. Then Let US All Know Where It Hurts.. Free Tampons.. Just Click Onto Your ‘Exciting’ Status Screeen..

Whining Like A Little Girl: “Gee Joe, I Thought We Were Going To Kill You”~

The World Figured That OUT ‘Dude’… When You Announced That 'LIVE' On Television. You Know. And I Know.

COMMENT: In 1972 A Body Was Found… In The Trunk Of A 1970 Banana Yellow Cadillac.. Manomet Massachusetts

Has Never Been The Same!..LOL.. -JOSEPH BONANNO-