I Slept All Day Long.. "I Must Be Waging War Against People.."

Yup.. See You At The Dollar Store Ambush.. I Cant Wait.. King Dollar Will Make The Map.. When You Ignorant-Isly Scream: "HEY! You're Not A Hells Angel!.. (See How Funny It Sounds Now) ~Because I Really Care About That Today.. While I'm Shopping For Macaroni-And-Cheese.. Best Prices!~ "I Really Give A Fu-uuck!" Or.. HEY! You're Not A Sicilian! Or.. HEY! You Didn't Just Live In Texas For Four Years! Or.. HEY! You're Not From Massachusetts! Or.. HEY! You're Not From Maine.. Where You Lived For A Dozen Years! Or.. HEY! I Saw You're Taxes..And I'll Still Say: HEY! You Didn't Really.. Make $15.25 An Hour At 'Bailey's Surf N' Turf' In Wareham Massachusetts! Or HEY! You Didn't Really.. Buy Toothpaste That Time You Said You Did!..Or.. HEY! You're Car Wasn't Broken By Us! (Even Though-We.. -Told-Everyone-Who-Would-Listen That-We-Broke-It) HEY! We Didn't Blow Your Car's Engine! HEY! WE Didn't Just Cost You $1,500 Plus More.. In Auto Repairs!..Or HEY! You Didn't Win.. All Those Fights That.. Left Us All Crying Ever4y Day And Night! Or.. HEY! We Didn't Really Ruin Your Life.. And Trap You In.. Dover New Hampshire Indefinately! Or.. HEY! You're Not Really PERMANANTLY.. Disabled On Social Security..

Stop Everything!: >>>We Can Still Kill You For That!..Or

HEY! WE didn't Set You Up For Prison.. 100 Million Times In A Row Or Anything!.. Or We Didn't Really Mess With All Of Your Women!.. And Cause You To Be Alone: Now: Forever!..

HOLD-UP! ~"HEY! Joe.. We Just Won't Stop Will We? Can't Imagine Why You Would Be Sooo Angry Joe!"~

Let Joey Help You Along: Here>>This Should Work For You:

Dear Niig-NoggAs: You No Longer Need An Excuse To.. Attempt To Murder Me Here In Dover NH.. How's That For You? Just Shut Up And Do It. Lifetime Fsaaaaggottas!.. ~You-Are~

Know Which Part I Like? All Of The HEY!’s..It’s Funny Like That. Threaten Me With The Same Guy For 44.. Of My Years.. Only To Find Out: That Man Doesn’t Even Exist.. ‘Dude’.. You Made Your Shii-iit Up.. And You Believed It. ~Shame On You~