ME - 2003 : "Hey! Dina (Cookie-Girl-Originally)..Take Your Meds” "tAKE yOUR mEDS" Is My 'Family's' Way Of Saying.. 'Just Kill-Us.. Because We're Sooo Stupid'.. LOL.. That Type Of Sarcasm Never.. Ever.. Worked Very Well With Me..

~Family Seance Witchcraft~ Thats What 'Someones' Family Thinks They Are Using.. The Satans Worshippers' They Were Calling Themselves. She Didn't Understand That It Was An.. Outlaw Biker Club She Was Smart-AsSing.. Like 'Im Some Little Pretend Satan Worshipper Or Something. Quee-eer. Lamola. Gaa-aay! You-Are-Idiots..To Me.

Anyways: They Just Couldn't Figure OUT One Of My Biker Club NameS..

Oh Is It 2011.. The Name Was Devils Disciples MC : Boston Massachusetts ..'Lolly'..

Yup 'Lolly' And I Were Related A LOng Time Ago.. She Went Bad..1970's.. She Tried To Kill My Brother 'EDDIE ELLIS' Of The Grim Reapers MC.. One-Time(For-Your-Mutha-Fuu-uucken-Mind) Too Many.

She Lost Her Mind. Brain-Power Delete. Cuckoo-NutS. Ghost-Screamer. Hearing Voices 'LOLLY'..They Will Never Leave Your Head..'Honey'.. She Tried To Kill My Cousins'.. Well Damn.. Scream My Name!.. Scream My Name! She Got Everything She And 'They' Would Have Wanted For Me.. Fuu-uuck With Satan.. Thats What 'YOU' Might Get.. As Well..

Dina (Called-'Cookie-Girl'-Originally).. She’s Delusional..

She Thinks That She Can Shoot Me.. "Gotta Get My 'Phone-Action' In.."

By Picking Up My Phone.. (Might-Be-Any-Phone-Dina!..Lol<<< Better Look Into That!) And Looking At Me (Eye-Contact-For-Effect) Dina Thinks She Can Shoot Me.. “Shoot!” She’ll Say.. Like-She's-Talking-To-A-Child ~Big-Eyes-Open~

And Then Of Course: NOTHING HAPPENS.. LOL.. Time To Re-Load On That 'Magic' Dina..You Wacko! HA HA HA

W.T.F Dina?.. LOL.. We Just Sit There Looking At Each Other.. “Got My Money Dina?” Thats All I Care About Anymore Folks.. Just Pay-Me.. And STFU With It. LOL..

Dina Thinks She Works For This ‘Family’ Of Idiots.. Who Think That They:

Work For The Federal Government("Well-Sort-Of") Or 'Steveei’ The FakeSt Biker On Earth (Never-Ridden-A-Motorcycle).. Or 'Slick-Butt-Crack-Ritchie' The.. Starr-Cheff-Delusionatta-Restrauntear-Teary-Eyed-Name-Droppa.. Or 'Bigg-Joee-The-Meatball-Turkey-Hunter' ..

HEY! Dina: They Don’t 'Work' At All. LOL Dina <<< Stoopid. No! Dina.. She Doesn’t ‘Work’ For Anyone.. Cuckoo«« LOL..

I Told Her Myself: These Idiots Practice ‘Dropping’.. (fALLING-oN-Their-fACES-And-bUMPIN-Their-hEADS) All Day Long. LOL.. No Fight In Them.. Just Mouth. What Then??.. Oh 'You' Know Melissa!?: Me Too!..<<<< See That 'King-Pin-Hit-Woman' All-Day-Long.. She Think I'm Dying TWICE-A-MINUTE!.. She's (Just-Like-ChristinA) Waaaay-Out-There..!

~!~ If I'm Lying.. Then I'm Dying..~!~

Apparently All Of The ‘Family’ Women Think.. That This (Stuupid) Phone ‘Trick’ Works… For (Now) My Entire Life “Can I Use Your Phone” Means That I’m About-To Be Shot.. LOL..

I Can't Even Talk These 'Gonzooosss' Through This.. <<< In My Ma's Words..."IT'S THAT-BADD" Nope...Ma's Just As Badd.. But She Tries (Tried) To Fake It.. LOL.. When I 'LOL'..I Really Am 'Laughing-Out-Loud'.. <<< This Has Been Sooo Ridiculous..To Me..And Mine..

Just Ask 'Janiee': "What Kill-Joe?.. Yup..All-Day-Long!.." "Get That 'Shot-Off'.. We're In Business..!"

She Thinks ‘Steevee’ Will Be Right Up (South-Portland-Apartment-1997).. And They Will JUst Laugh.. And Party In My Apartment (With-My-Dead-Body)..

Then The Other ‘Family’ Girls Will Show Up.. And They’ll Ruin The Place And Take My Stuff.. Laugh All The Days Long.. Blahhhh. Lame. Janiee: You Are Wasted.. LOL

Well Okay.. You Wasted All Of Your Wasted Life… TRYING TO KILL A MAN WHO DOESN’T DIE..«< ME. You Did Mess With My Finances For A While.. Not Happy With That Anyways: November Happy 2011… 21 Years Ago Today… All The Women I ‘Loved (Supposedly)’.. Proved For Sure…Who’s Team They Were Really On. 'Whateva.. 'Whateva..' 'Whateva..' Nothing Happened.. Period.

»> This (Fake-Excitement) Is Sort-Of-A Let-Down For Me..

Still In 1990? :.Do You Think This Is All Happening Now..? Because This 'Stuff' Is Over..Rover...

And After 21 Years.. I cOULD (And-Couldn't) rEALLY cARE lESS..

Wasted 17 1/2 Months Of My Life. Ratt-MoveS. Really Bothered Me. Windham Maine Was A Fun-Time..Beat Everyone Down.. Who Ran-Their-Mouths. Legally Sanctioned..Of Course. Prison Kid. Try It Sometime.

This Picture: I Got Shot.. During This Picture Taking..LOL.. This Shiitt Was Real..We Were All There. Windham Maine.