Okay. So My Garbage Disposal Broke. Leaks Water. Bought New One. The Insink-Erator Badger-5! Had To Install Cord Last Night. Now I Have To Get Some Plumbers Seal. For The Drain Not To Leak.

This Is Where You 1990 AsSsholes Come In. Here Comes ‘Mr. C.I.A ’ Himself To ‘Inspect’ This Subject. LOL

What Did You Say I Was Doing? Those Words Are Traitorous. Take Them Back In Public…You Useless ‘Coward’..

‘Buddy’..We Go Waaay Back..But We’re Not We.

Anyways..Wish Me Luck Installing My.. New Insink-Erator Badger-5! Garbage Disposal.. and ..Learn How To S.T.F.U.. We’re Done Here ‘PAL’..

Note: My Shovel Heads.. >>> To The Right Of This Picture.. 'Old School' (From 3rd-Grade) Mount Pleasant Grade School. Plymouth Massachusetts

'D-D' ..Devils Disciples MC Markings.. LOL..