Stupid News Heading From Stupid-News-America: ‘1 Million Americans Have Switched Their Accounts From Big Banks’ ..Hmmm.. I’m Already PiSsed! LOL..

Gee..Thats A Fuu-uucking Great Idea! No Atm’s.. No Locations.. No Convenience.. Probably No Online Service..”WebSite? NO! Whats That?”

»>Just Switch Back To Black And White Television Why Don’t You!?.. You Are Of ‘Genius’..All Of ‘You’..«

Hold-Up! November 13, 2011. No-News-Network.

Jesuss ChriStMass..It’s A ‘LITTLE-LATE’ To… ‘Say-Something’ To Joe..Isn’t It?

Couldn’t You Just Wait Another 21 Years For Your.. BIIGG-Fuu-uuCking-SmArtAssS-cOMMeNT..?

Hmmm…Let’s See 1990-2011 Boring As All-Stiffs Would Be..

I Mean Wow!..You Are Such Movers-And-Shakers..