Hot-Dogg-Da-Man Says: "You Like A Bigg-Fatt-Weenie?.. Oh Yeah You Do!"

SMOKING: .."Oh.. I'm Trying To Quit.. "Oh Well.. Leon Spinks (Famous?-Boxer) Was "Trying To Quit Too.." After He Got His Teeth Knocked-The-Fuu-uuck-Out!

HEY! Smile.. Because You Suck (You-Smoke).. And HEY! You Don’t Know That WE-KNOW-IT (That-You-Suck).

HEY! Smile Because You Smoke..And HEY! You Still Suck.. But HEY! You Still Don’t Know It..But HEY! WE-DO-KNOW-IT..

HEY! Smoking Is Like A DOUCHE. HEY! Don’t Be A Douche.

“Earn Your Red Wings..” Yup I KNow Two Ways To What This Means.. »> One-For-You.. and One-For-ME..LOL.. “I Need A Smoke..” (Notta)Music To My Ears..

BLA BLA Boooring-Ist.. Bratt-A-Tat-Tat..

You Smell. Your Fingers Smell. Your Breathe.. »> Needs Me To Be Drunk.. To Kiss You. Ask My (Now-Ex) Wife.. She Smokes. Bigg-Thrill Times There.! Pass The Twelve-Pack Honey.. Daddy Might Accidentally Want A Kiss! Oh..You Wash Your Hands After You Smoke.. But Still Walk Around Outside In Your Nasty Black Socks..!? Yup..Thats ‘OUR’ Girl.. Scream At The Kids.. I Cannot Wait Until They Can Scream Back!..LOL..

HER: “AH..’Your’ Daughter.. Just Threw Me Down The Fii-iiing Stairs..”

ME: YES! YEEEES! YES! There Is A GOD! ././.

P.S. Oh Yeah..I’ll Hold Your Cigarettes. NEVER!