This Picture: Houston Texas Represent! 2004-2008 Kartoon-Style-FX..Featuring 'Crime Scene' Sixes.. LOL..

'Frosted-Mini-Wheats'..Thats What I 'LIKE'..

Okay So I Run In My Sleep..And My Leg Freezes Up (Called 'Growing-Pains') <<< Then 'YOU' Win The War-Against-Joe?.. I'm NOT quite Figuring This Out So Far..? Hmmm.. You Sir, Are The Biggest Idiot On Earth. First Off..When My Leg Freezes Up..I Simply Move The Muscles Around.. To (You-Won't-Believe-This) Un-Lock The Muscles. WOW!

You Sit There And Masta-Batez To This Don't You? You Know You Do. Because You're The C.I.A Still Right?..HA HA HA Sit There And Watch Me Come Home..Because I'm Not Coming Home..? Fuu-uucking Wierdo 'Dude'..Yeah..Fuu-uucking Wierdo 'Dude'..

Okay..So He (Last-Night) Follows Me Into The Bathroom (C.I.A. 'Dudes' Biggest Thrill..LOL) To Hmmmm..'LOOK' At Me..? I'm Like "Yeah..Whats Up..'Dude!'.." And Then I Start Rapping (Singing) "I'm Not A Gentleman" By The GETO BOYS... HA HA HA ..'Dude' Freaks Out...And Shits Himself.. I'm Like.." 'Dude'..Are You Alright?" HA HA HA .. "Need Someone To 'Hold-You-Up'..Or Something?".. HA HA HA .. As If This -Igga$! Hasn't Been 'Held-Up' Before..HA HA HA ..

"I Took Your Money Just Like I Took Your Wife.. Joey Alizio Jr. Is A Hells Angel 4-Life"

'Promise' All The Women To Freeze My Leg Up 'Dude'.. Their 'Game' Is With Me. They Don't Give A Fuu-uuck What You Say.. Hey! Saw The Sicilian Version Of Joe-Anne Last Night.. She Looks Better Than Ever.. FTW.. Tony Ice Was Here. Fu-uuck With Tony Ice. I Dared You. 1992.. LOL..