HEY! So You Arrived From 1990 To Heckle Me.. Do You Have A ‘Plan-B?’' Sort-Of-A.. Plan-B 'HEALTH' Insurance Coverage Or Something!?

HEY! ‘Member When You Were Just Plain Scared Of Me.. Because You Knew I Was HA (A Hells Angel)..’Junior?’..

What Happened To That.. I Sort Of Liked You: Scared-Straight!..?

Did 'Daddy' Tell You.. “yOU’RE sTRAIGHT aGAIN sON!..” HA HA HA (HA-HA-HA-Means ‘Hells-Angels MC’ As Well As The Obvious Laughter)

Anyways: You Told Everyone That You Didn’t Like My Slang Writing. Tried To Tell Me In An Inferior Way..

So! Here's You're-Kinda-Lingo:


HEY! Just Fuu-uuck-Off..You Fake Texas 'OIL' Holder!

Georgey-Da-Bush-Bagg.. He Thinks He Has Holdings In Oil (At My Expense) ..Yeah..As Soon As I Die (I-Never-Die-Georgey)

All The Oil Money Is Locked Up By... And For Me. Since I Was A Child. My Uncles Set Me Up To Own Everything.. ..In Many Places..To Be Sure I Would Be All Set..

And You Have Spent My Entire Life Trying To Steal From Me. Probably Forgot To Tell The Public That Though..Huh? ..Lol.. ~You Offer Every Other Reason But The Truth~

You Can't Even Find Most Of The Buildings Or Offices. Much Less Enter Them. They're All Cloaked Out..And Hidden. You Can't Find The Oil-Etc Bank Accounts To Break Into..

There Appears To Be No.. Secret Passwords Or Pass-Codes To Discover.

Anything (Back-In-The-Day) That You Found For Bank-Accounts ..Were Federally Encoded And Encrypted.

>>> By Myself At A Younger Age.. And By My Uncles.. 'EDDIE' And 'VINNIE' ~Real Names-'Buddy'~ ..LOL..

Read This Twice AsSs-HoleS..

What Do You REALLY Think This Is All About Anyways?

Joey-Sicilian And Joey-Biker Holdings. Plain And Simple. Ever Hear This Expression: "Joe's-Gas..".. Well That's Me.


So You Called Me Black.. Thats Not Too Good.. Call A Big-Black-Igga Black.. Why Don't You!? And Tell Me How You Did With That! HA HA HA

You’re Not Tough Enough To Even Be A Rascist.. You’re A 'Mouth-Ist' ‘Runn-Your-Mouth-Ist’.. And Delusional At That.

Do You Write? Then Go On And Write A Little For Me ‘Kid’.. ..Tell Me A Story Or Something.. ..As A Matter Of Fact: Write Your Little.. H-O.M-0 Heart ‘OUT!’ ('OUT'-That Means Outlaws MC)

Tell Me All The Times You Killed Me.. That Will Be Funny-Stuff..To Read.. You're Just So Good You Are At Killing Me.. And We'll All Sit Around and Laugh..

While You Stand-Up.. In Front Of The Room And Read It All Aloud..! Wow.

Anyways: The Real ME: ~$~ Many MC Clubs. National And International Enforcer. DAY-ONE-HA. ~$~ (~$~ Wrapped-Up-In-Money)

'THE REAL VINNIE ALLEN' Devils Disciples MC : Boston Massachusetts Unknown To Most..Feared By All. We Enforce.

My Life. Well.. I May Often Seem To Be.. ‘Out-Of-Commission’.. Yet By Truth.. I Will Always Be ‘ON’..And I Always Will Be ‘UP’